The Course – 9 Hole Crazy Golf Course

 The course, designed and hand built by ourselves with precise attention to detail

Nice easy shot to start with

The course hole 1

Up the hill, over, and in

The course hole 2

Choose wisely or it will come back

The course hole 3

Built with durable and quality materials and tools, our course is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, no matter what weather!

Dogleg right with steep hill

The course hole 4

Will it go through in 1 shot?

The course hole 5

Avoid the pot holes on this one

The course hole 6

Each hole is challenging, but the course starts of with an easy hole working up skill level to hole number 9. The best score to complete the course so far is 19 shoots, marked by myself at a wedding near Cardiff

Over the hill or through the tunnel

The course hole 7

Pinball alley, how many shots?

The course hole 8

1 Straight shot up the hill… or is it ?

The course hole 9

The course is designed to be one of the most challenging courses there are. Easy enough for children to have fun but also competitive enough for adults to keep going around to try and better their score (especially after a few drinks!)

If you feel up to the challenge and fancy a go, please go to the contact page for a free quote

We hope to hear from you soon – The Crazy Golf Fun Family

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