Wedding Package Available – Add this package for only £50

Add our new wedding package for only £50

Our new wedding package can be add to your event for just £50 extra on your hire charge.

Love sign for crazy golf hire
wedding package mr & mrs
wedding package horseshoes

Bespoke made by ourselves out of metal, complements the course finished in white.

wedding package hearts
wedding package mrs & mrs
wedding package mr & mr

Have a look below on how good they look laid out on the course.

Love Sign Wedding mini golf hire. These signs are added to our course as part of the wedding package.
Mr & Mrs Sign, Wedding mini golf hire wedding package.
horseshoes on the course

We have LOVE, MR & MRS ( MR & MR , MRS & MRS ) , I DO sings as well as HEARTS and LUCKY HORSE SHOES. This Wedding Package is a great addition to the course.

hearts on the course
mrs & mrs on the course
mr & mr on the course

We do have a few more in development and should be ready for when the season starts. We have more hearts and wedding bells to add later on. Built out of metal they should withstanding being accidentally hit with a golf club, as we have tried wooden and they dont last. These should do the trick with very little maintenance.

I Do sign for wedding mini golf hire for wedding package.

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